37 mushroom recipes uk

mushroom recipes uk

We use portobello, chestnut, porcini and more mushroom varieties to create fragrant curries, vegetarian burgers, vibrant stir-fries and more
Looking for mushroom recipes uk  ideas? Want to use up some dried porcini mushrooms or stuff a portobello? Try our recipes, from vegetarian twists on family favourites to experimenting with shiitake mushrooms. For more vegetable ideas, try our meat-free curries or our carrot recipes.
Want expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own mushrooms from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

Best mushroom recipes uk 

Mushroom risotto
Check out our creamy mushroom risotto recipe with zesty lemon. This quick and easy veggie risotto dish is simple to make and ready in just 35 minutes. A great way to feed the family or unexpected guests.
Stuffed mushrooms
Mushrooms are stuffed with leeks, thyme, garlic and breadcrumbs in this vegetarian starter – you can double them up and serve with a hearty salad as a main course, too.
Mushroom wellington
Mushrooms provide a deliciously meaty texture in this veggie version of a wellington.
Vegan mushroom ragu
Earthy chestnut mushrooms, red lentils and walnuts come together to make this vegan take on ragu, packed with umami flavours and ‘meaty’ textures.
Mushroom stroganoff
ushroom recipes uk
Swap beef for porcini and flat mushrooms to create a rich vegetarian version that doesn’t compromise on flavour. With sweet smoked paprika and soured cream, this veggie twist is delicious while containing less than 300 calories.
Mushroom soup
Check out our creamy mushroom soup with simple pickled mushrooms. This super easy recipe is a great lunchtime meal and it’s low in calories too.
Vegan bolognese
Make your classic bolognese meat-free with a rich ragu of dried porcini and chestnut mushrooms, and plenty of vegetables for a low-fat, vegan meal for all the family.
Korean king oyster mushrooms
The meatiness of the king oyster mushrooms in this recipe is complemented beautifully by the complex umami notes of doenjang. A generous dose of butter helps to melt in the flavour.
Wild mushrooms and horseradish labneh on toast
Classic mushrooms on toast gets a makeover with homemade labneh, garlic and herbs.
Wild mushroom ravioli
ushroom recipes uk
This is a great make-ahead starter – prepare the ravioli in advance then freeze and cook straight from frozen (you will need a pasta machine for this recipe).
Rarebit mushrooms with pickle dressing
A brilliant meat-free starter, mushrooms are topped with mustardy rarebit and served with a quick red wine vinegar dressing. It’s gluten free, too.

Chestnut mushroom recipes uk 

Mushroom lasagne
Check out this brilliant meat-free lasagne with ricotta and chestnut mushrooms. The recipe makes six portions, so you can feed a crowd or batch it up for the freezer.
Braised beef and mushroom pie
Mushrooms combine with rich braised beef in this comforting pie. Enjoy with your favourite greens, buttery mash and plenty of gravy.
Mushroom bhaji
The perfect midweek vegan dinner, this bhaji comes packed with chestnut mushrooms, garlic, ginger and turmeric. Serve with warm, fluffy naans for mopping all those juices up.
Vegetarian mushroom chilli
Try our simple healthy twist on a family classic, chilli con carne. This version is not only vegetarian, it’s low in calories and gluten free too, a great midweek meal.
Mushroom dhansak
Check out this easy dhansak recipe with mushrooms, protein-packed lentils and punchy red chilli. Serve this simple curry as a veggie dinner for four.
Gnocchi with mushrooms and paprika butter
Paprika adds a smoky punch to buttery mushrooms in this speedy vegetarian meal for three. Taking only 20 minutes, this quick and easy recipe will leave you happy and satisfied.
Quick mushroom stroganoff
This super-quick and easy mushroom and tarragon stroganoff makes for a great, healthy midweek meal, ready in just 15 minutes and under 300 calories.
Veggie sausage, spinach and mushroom fry with pesto toast
Spread crunchy seeded bread with garlicky pesto and top with caramelised mushrooms, veggie sausages and soft poached eggs for an epic meat-free brunch. Start your day full of vegetables, protein and flavour.
Japanese chicken and broccoli curry
Add white miso and soy sauce to your curry sauce for an umami-rich midweek meal packed with chicken and veggies. Quick and easy, this dish takes only 30 minutes and is only 350 calories.
Mushroom pâté
Shallots, garlic, thyme and sherry give this mushroom pâté real depth of flavour – a great choice for a fuss-free dinner party starter.
Mushroom and cheese omelette
Want an easy lunch mushroom recipes uk ? Make this quick and simple grilled omelette with garlicky mushrooms and soft melted cheese, ready in just 20 minutes. The indulgent taleggio and pepper rocket make this a light but flavoursome meal.
Mushroom wellington
Portobello mushroom recipes uk
Mushroom shawarma
This is a stunning mushroom recipes uk  that makes a great vegan kebab recipe for the BBQ (the toum sauce is made without egg). you can use any large, flat mushrooms for this. It’s so worth making your own shawarma spice mix, so don’t skip that step!
Mushroom and shiso salad
This recipe comes from Surrey Hotel, Beaverbrook, sees a brilliant mix of traditional British and modern Japanese flavours, creating an elegant vegetarian starter.
Mushroom pithiviers
Make the most of ready-made puff pastry with these individual mushroom pithiviers. Serve with golden roasties for a Christmas Day feast.
Halloumi and garlic-stuffed mushrooms
Try our easy halloumi-stuffed garlic mushrooms. This vegetarian halloumi recipe makes for a moreish midweek meal for two. Plus it’s gluten free, too.
Mushroom stir-fry
Check out our vegan stir-fry recipe with exotic mushrooms, crunchy carrots and pak choi. This easy meal is ready in less than 30 minutes and under 400 calories.
Mushroom burger
This ever-popular shroom burger, with its smoky, charred, flat-mushroom filling, is rarely off the menu at Steak & Honour. The perfect vegetarian and vegan option for parties and barbecues. Top with all your favourite burger accompaniments: gherkins, red onion and mustard for a classic BBQ taste.
Smoky portobello mushrooms
For a smoky, crunchy side dish or a main vegetarian meal, these mushrooms pack flavour and texture. These work well as quick and easy burgers too; put them into buns with hummus, salad leaves and roasted red peppers for a healthy midweek twist.
Double-cheese and mushroom calzones
A twist on a pizza for two. Bread mixes make calzone easy and this version is packed full of Italian favourites; mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan and chilli.
Porcini mushrooms recipes uk
Mushroom pearl barley risotto with roasted carrots
This mushroom risotto is topped with beautifully sweet and nutty roasted rosemary carrots, perfect for a meat-free dinner which serves up to four.
Posh porcini lasagne
This posh lasagne recipe is easy to make, vegetarian and feeds a crowd for easy entertaining. The decadent creamy mushroom sauce gives this Italian classic an earthy makeover.
Spelt and mushroom risotto
This creamy risotto uses pearled spelt as a healthier alternative to rice and dried porcini mushrooms for a more intense flavour. Whip this up in 40 minutes for a fresher tasting risotto and less than 400 calories.
Shiitake mushrooms recipes
The MBLT vegan sandwich
Check out this impressive vegan sandwich recipe. This MBLT makes a super easy vegan alternative to the classic British BLT sandwich using shiitake mushroom ‘bacon’. Plus, it’s low in calories too.
Shiitake seitan burger with kimchi mayo
Don’t be daunted by the long ingredient list or the prep time for this vegan burger: it’s actually a super simple process and the results are delicious – this recipe uses added chunky shiitake mushrooms to replicate the texture of mince and to give an umami boost. With vegan cheese and fiery kimchi mayo, this burger is bound to impress any of your dairy-free friends.
Mushroom ramen
In need of a healthy, warming midweek meal? Try our low calorie, vegan miso shiitake mushroom ramen for an easy dinner for two. This comforting noodle soup will give you the spicy kick you need get through to the weekend.
Pickled greens with cloud ear mushroom recipes uk 
Cloud ear mushroom recipes uk  are soaked in hot water first to hydrate and then mixed with pickled mustard greens, cucumber and spicy bird’s eye chillies. An excellent side dish to accompany a larger Thai feast.

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